Final Mile Delivery

  • Infill urban locations with immediate access to the consumer base
  • Box trucks and trailer loading
  • Drive-in access for van loading
  • Excess trailer/van and employee parking
  • Zoned for trucking operations and/or outside storage

Truck Terminal/Transload

  • Proximity to end user/consumer paramount
  • Pan European freight corridor locations
  • 5,000–50,000 square meters
  • Up to 4x standard loading ratios of traditional warehouse
  • Clear height largely unimportant
  • Low site coverage with significant outside storage

Industrial Outdoor Storage

  • Freight corridor truck parking and maintenance
  • Port container yards
  • Motorway access
  • Low site coverage
  • Zoned for trucking operations and/or outside storage
  • Secure, lit, heavy-duty surface

Air Cargo Facilities

  • High barriers to entry at gateway airports
  • Direct airside ramp access or second line
  • Dual side loading with deep truck courts and excess trailer parking